I feel spring in my heart, but…

Let this beautiful song by Michael Gira bring warmness to your soul:

Although last Tuesday had been a gravely depressive day, the night preceding Wednesday was cathartic. I woke up refreshed and full of energy. I decided to tidy up some unnecessary things in my room and it was a good idea, for I could finally manage to work without distractions. Later on, when I went outside, my senses were flooded by enormous waves of pleasant scents. The trees, shrubs and flowers are sweetly blooming and I feel overwhelmed by this natural phenomenon. Of course it’s one of the most joyful feelings, which human beings can experience here on Earth, but since I am autistic, I feel everything much stronger than other people do. I can even add that my perception of the world is quite bipolar, so to speak. When I look at the delightful light and shadow play, which captures my attention all the time (even amidst the greatest noise), I have the impression of a gentle flickering liquid, which flows through my veins and encompasses my heart and soul, pouring into them several drops of a magical potion. Apart from visual sensations, when I sense the ominipresent springtime hustle, I feel as though the secret of the universe was within my reach. But I cannot reach it. I am the child of stars, trying to live with my other-worldly soul in a world which is more or less alien to me. I would be happy in the watery abyss of the sky, but not here. The frustration I am speaking about is one of the reasons why I am severely depressed.


I have always sought the most extreme feelings (or rather – they have always sought me). The most romantic and angelic love. The darkest and the most sorrowful melancholy. Mediocrity does not content me. I hate vulgarity and commonness. When I see people who behave like parrots, that is copying the behaviour of others, I just want to punch them in the face. There is so much uniformity and sameness in this sick world and it makes me angry. Some brainwashed Europeans believe that we should live in “a colorful, heterogeneous society” and they advocate for the rights of LGBT degenerates and non-white people. But by doing so they seek for the destruction of traditional values, which are – in my opinion – necessary if we wish to cultivate TRUE diversity.


The leftists are promoting various deviations (such as homosexualism), because they wish to destroy the basic foundations, upon which happiness and diversity are built. You cannot develop properly if you are a child of two same-sex parents. You need both maternal and paternal feelings from your parents. Even the most masculine woman cannot become a man, because her original sex is designed for particular feminine tasks (e.g. being nurturing, full of grace and love), which in turn make her femininity truly unique. Even the most feminine man cannot become a woman, because his original sex is designed for particular masculine tasks (e.g. being responsible, tough-minded and protective), which in turn make his masculinity truly unique.


The leftists are promoting multiculturalism, because they wish to extinguish the ardent flame of our European pride. They want you to believe that all the cultures, religions and races are the same. In fact this is totally wrong. For example, you just cannot settle down Europeans, Asians and Africans in one country and naively believe that there will be peace amongst them. Each culture stems from different ethnic, religious and geopolitical background, therefore trying to force one universal culture (Christianity), or trying to mix many cultures (multiculturalism), will inevitably result in riots, war and chaos. You cannot put a lion and an antelope in one cage, if you wish to preserve their diversity.

What leftists are trying to do is mix lions with antelopes to create liotope – a hybrid. If you wish to learn about the consequences of crossbreeding, I invite you to read the following article by Marie Cachet, she explains this issue brilliantly:


The en masse influx of migrants is only a tool to create human version of liotopes. A hybrid which is weaker and easier to control. Terrorist attacks are only a tool to enforce surveillance over European people. You will soon see that governments will introduce more sophisticated ways to maintain control over people. See this post:



As a matter of fact, I was going to talk about spring…


I think it is the first time in my life, when I actually love springtime. I have always liked it, but never to such an extent. Of course, I have several problems with aforementioned metaphysical, frustrating vertigo, but nonetheless this flaw is tiny in comparison with the ethereal delightfulness of April (which is actually not a cruel month, contrary to what T.S. Eliot once said…). A friend of mine inspired me to look at the nature in a totally new way. Her perception of flowers, animals and other natural phenomena is highly inspired by celestial delicateness of classical fairy tales. It is something indescribable, it has to be felt. I think this way of seeing the world has always been in my heart. It was just deeply hidden.

I am eternally grateful to the invisible forest elves, who mysteriously intertwined our paths, so I could learn to love springtime for the first time in my life.