The Stoic Wisdom

My perception of the world is not only purely emotional, but also very detailed. Even single words overheard in a crowd can be meaningful to me and they usually evoke chain of associations. I am deeply immersed in the mysterious world of archetypes and myths. I see everywhere hidden signs and symbols. Today when I was reading a book at the library, I glimpsed a person whose physical appearance was strikingly similar to my friend from childhood. A prick in my heart immediately made me quiver. Then I realized that the person I had seen was the ideal self-image of my old friend in her own eyes. I mean that my old acquaintance had rather poor self-image of her body (resulting from unjustified negative criticism, as it often occurs in such cases) and the person I saw looked like her, but she was much more beautiful. Nonetheless, the girl at the library was deprived of great intellectual subtleness, which I have always attributed to my friend.

Ancient Stoic wisdom makes a clear distinction between changeable and unchangeable traits of character and appearance. I have always believed that one’s inner peace cannot be achieved without realizing the aforementioned distinction.
Knowing your limits and barriers is the key to happiness.

Thou shalt not by ashamed of thy physical appearance!
For it is said that he that followeth the nature shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of fire.


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