The Magical Place


Today I had a delightful day, full of miraculous events. Firstly, I would like to stress that I have been experimenting with the ideas of morphic resonance and telepathy for several weeks. I have discovered many new regularities and patterns, which strongly suggest that psychokinesis – id est: influencing distant living objects only with the power of your mind and heart – becomes possible on the heights of spiritual development. I have also noticed that the more you become aware of your personality being interconnected with the cosmic laws governing the nature, the more synchronic events you experience. The more positive vibrations you emit from your heart, the greater are your chances to influence the external events with the sole power of your mind. And what is the most important, positive affirmations can make you happy AT ONCE! I will discuss these “laws” of morphic resonance extensively in my upcoming book. Please stay tuned.

I have to admit that I haven’t been feeling well lately. But today I decided to make a positive affirmation. I just wrote on A4 size paper some wishes, both of greater and lesser importance. I wrote them in present tense, for example: “I am happy (at that moment)” (NOT “I want to be happy” or “I will be happy”) or “No external events disturb my attention (at that moment)” (NOT “I don’t want external events to disturb my attention” or “External events won’t disturb my attention”). You have to stress that your wish is no longer a wish – it’s already fulfilled. I hope you can understand what I mean.

To make your affirmation stronger, you have to visualise it in your mind. Imagine yourself being happy. Imagine a situation in which no external events make you anxious. I know it could be difficult, especially when you are depressed, but you have to do your best.

Now I will tell you about the miracles caused by my affirmations and visualisations. Before I opened the door of a shop I imagined that there is no queue inside. And there was no queue inside. I didn’t have small change, so I visualised that cashier accepts my banknotes. And it was exactly as I wished it to be. I wanted to read several books by Aristotle. Last time when I was at the library, I couldn’t find anything (other than The Nicomachean Ethic). But today I just visualised a full shelf of Corpus Aristotelicum. Imagine my astonishment when I saw eight or nine books on the shelf, whereas last week I could not find anything.

All the day I have been feeling beyond happy. But there was one particular thing which struck me. It was the first time in my life when I saw a traffic collision. Nothing special, just a small fender-bender. But it happened a second or two after I passed by. Later on I saw a serious quarrel between two young persons on the street. There were more negative events. They did not affect me and they were generally tiny, but it was all around me. My theory is following: when you make positive affirmations and beforehand you have stored lots of negative energy in your morphic field (e.g. when you are depressed), you have to be careful, for the reason that your evaporated negativeness might affect random people around you. There is no such a thing as energetic vacuum in the nature. It is the same case with sympathetic magic rituals, which were performed by our forebears, and I will elaborate on that issue in my upcoming book.

You might think I am crazy or I suffer from paranoid schizophrenia and you are free to think so, but I trust that my intuition is going to lead me into a major discovery. It’s just…

Speaking of discoveries, at the end of the day I have found a magical place. It was just 20 minutes from my home and I had not been aware of its existence prior to today’s unexpected visit.

I took some photos and I recorded a video. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “The Magical Place

  1. Good observations regarding “you have to be careful, for the reason that your evaporated negativeness might affect random people around you”, my experiences are kinda similar. I hope you are getting better and that you have a great day!


  2. Nothing short of you turning into a “Liberal” or ‘Christian” will have me consider you Schizophrenic, but of course there is no harm in being a little crazy in an already crazy world.

    Regarding Morphic fields and negative energy your insight makes a lot of sense, considering the house I grew up in was filled with such to the point I even swore it was haunted, It was simply just a reservoir for residual negative energy charged up like a battery, upon leaving that home 13 years ago I noticed a decrease in unexplained phenomenon. This aforementioned dark time I correlate to my most creative phase, needless everything has it’s trade off one cannot have their cake and eat it too as the adage goes.

    Fortunately my spark returned.


    • Yes, yes, you are absolutely right about negative energy! I was just thinking about these issues and suddenly you wrote this comment. Telepathy?
      I believe that it is one’s duty to leave people or places, which are full of bad memories, for the sake of one’s personality and mental health. Even leaving your parents might be a good idea if they are blocking your character development…

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      • The natural world has it’s ways of communicating insight via direct means and subtle means, usually through people or other living things we interact with regardless if they are informed prior or not. Perhaps fallen leaves obscuring letters on a written sign which triggers a thought or memory, a random word mid conversation or even a flock of birds.

        As for the latter, such was one of many motivators to begin my move out of the U.S.


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