Memories from my past life

Last night I had four wonderful dreams. I would like to tell you more about the fourth, which was the most interesting, I suppose.

I dreamt of a river flowing amidst the green and blooming meadows. I saw a lot of people in Celtic garments from Hallstatt era. At first I thought it was some sort of reenactment festival, but then I realized that those people were acting totally naturally. They were not reenactors. I recognized some familiar faces of my pagan friends. I also recognized some famous persons. But there was a great feeling of equality in the air.

People were participating in various sport activities like pulling rope, running, climbing trees etc. Then there were bacchic dances, just like in Ancient Greece. At one moment I saw two young ladies playing bronze age lurs. I approached one of them and asked whether she could let me play for a while. She smiled and fulfilled my wish.

Believe me or not, but I could instantly play long and beautiful melodies on this instrument! As though that skill had been recorded in my ancestral memory and I just accessed the pool of memories. I felt extremely happy and I instantly recognized myself in that ancient musician.

Hail Baldur!


2 thoughts on “Memories from my past life

  1. I thought reincarnation was just the representation of passing on your genes to your children, as explained by Marie Cachet. Do you believe in literal reincarnation?


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