About credit cards

I have just came back from grocery. I went there to buy something to eat for the supper. You know, several basic products such as bread, cheese and ham. I was standing in a queue and in front of me there were five girls, aged circa 19-24. The surprising fact is that each of them bought vodka! Not even beer or wine, but vodka – the alcoholic beverage which contains about 40% ABV! One of the girls was already drunk and spoke total gibberish. Another very sad thing – all paid by card. I was the only person in the queue to pay in cash. As a matter of fact, I have never paid by card. Those people are not only totally degenerated (they cannot spend evening without becoming intoxicated). They are also very naive and stupid, when they trust “online money” so much. Have you heard the news?


In the near future, the banks and the EU will have a total control over our money. They want to progressively remove cash in order to force us to use credit cards and other electronic sorts of payment. And it’s very sad that the majority is going to accept that…

I urge you to withdraw money from your bank account as soon as possible. The future is definitely not bright…

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